Grade 5

Grade 5


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Homework Philosophy

It is our belief that homework should be a time when children practice and reinforce lessons taught during the school day. Parents should understand that homework encourages independence and creativity. Parents can provide helpful home atmospheres that encourage their child to do their best. Homework is generally assigned Monday through Thursday in the fifth grade. Approximately 50 minutes a day should be spent on homework. Individual fifth grade teachers have their own homework standards that you and your child should be aware of. Check with your child's teacher to ascertain these.

Grading scale

The fifth grade students are evaluated on the A, B, C, D, F grading system. The following explains what each grade represents:

90-100% A excellent or outstanding

80-89 % B above average

70-79 % C average

60-69 % D below average

below 60% F not passing


Lee Canter's Assertive Discipline is widely used throughout this grade level. Four/five rules are posted in the class along with a list of rewards and consequences. Consistency is the key to our effective discipline program.

Major infractions are dealt with in a different manner. School policy states that any violation of district rules will result in time spent in the in school suspension room. This room is staffed with a full-time aide whose job it is to monitor children who have chosen to break these rules. The length of time served depends on where the child is on our discipline system.

For further information, please contact our building secretary.


All academic subjects are important, but in the fifth grade more emphasis is placed on independent reading and research. Fifth grade is a time to prepare children for middle school. It is important for them to take responsibility for their studies and behavior. In math the focus is on fractions, decimals, analysis, problem solving and geometry. In language arts, spelling gets sharpened; reports get longer and writing diversifies. Reading materials become more complex. In social studies the main events studied are prehistoric man through the Civil War. The science curriculum is covered by focusing on the use of the scientific method while collecting and gathering data. Issues such as resisting peer pressure, personal health, and sexuality are addressed in the fifth grade.

Special Events and Field Trips

As part of the fifth grade curriculum, the children visit an area known as E.A.G.L.E. Site, at least once a season. This acronym stands for Environmental Awareness Guided Learning Experience.

We also have a banquet in the spring which is a culmination of a fifth grade unit on manners. Local businesses help us by donating food, decorations, and a banquet room, while parents organize and prepare the banquet.

To enhance the fifth graders cultural awareness in our area, a full day is devoted to visiting a museum, a library, a local newspaper, and the recently hand-carved carousel.

As a building we enjoy a day of outside competitiveness during our annual Track and Field Day. Each child chooses the events that they wish to participate in. They may choose from a list of track, field and fun events.

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